Mt Zion - Andrew Brant

Wadulisi Lyre

This small harp or lyre is made of maple to support my partner’s spiritual practice. The bridge is made of Acacia, the symbol of the immortal human soul. It is a gift of the healing and creative spirit of music - that it can transcend the material or the mere symbolic into the spirit itself. After all, it is in many creation stories that the world itself was created by the Divine through music. 

It was designed out of a combination of several other instruments I am more familiar with, not having played a harp before. The ball-end strings are held in place on the back with through body ferrules for a fender telecaster, adding to the resonant volume of the instrument, and the tuning ends are designed for zithers, which require a tuning key but keep a slim profile. The bridge style is influenced  by a Danelectro guitar. It is tuned to an E minor. 

10’’ x 8’’ x 2’’