Mt Zion - Andrew Brant

Redwood Tub

This is a bathtub designed as a traditional Japanese Oforu. I used redwood for its resilience to the outdoors. The sides are set in dados and joined with oak dowels which swell for a firmer seal, and boat building epoxy was used throughout for a strong, waterproof seal. The bottom was braced with cross grain legs, not just for traditional protection and to keep it off the ground, but to also resist the expansion of the width of the bottom of the tub. It is finished with linseed oil mostly to protect the color. A cherry slab makes a sturdy tray fitting, with a copper drain inside to seal solidly with a rubber stopper. We fill it with a hose adaptor to our shower to get hot water, and a spare pair of 2x4’s helps level it as needed and allow for proper drainage in taller grass as it gets moved around. 

31’’ x 18’’ x 56’’