Mt Zion - Andrew Brant

The Rebellion

Episode 16 feat. Jamie Campbell

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The Rebellion with Nick Hausman welcomes it's latest guest, Jamie Campbell. Jamie was voted the Chicago Reader's "Best Stand Up in Chicago 2013," is the host of the live talk show Talk Hard and is an ensemble member atComedySportz Chicago.

Jamie joins Nick to talk about:

- Talk Hard
- His new comedy album, Black Panther 
- Refereeing Paul Bearer's final match
- The launch of the WWE Network
- His memorable encounter with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
- Doing stand up about his family and how it affects his relationship with them

Nick starts the show by talking about the next evolution of The Rebellion, life post-Polar Vortex, the deli and a special that Mt Zion Press is running!

Andrew Brant