Mt Zion - Andrew Brant

Mt Zion Dutch Toolchest

This is the Dutch Toolchest that I made with Megan Fitzpatrick as my teacher at Lost Art Press in Covington, Kentucky in 2018. This class taught me a huge amount about hand tool cabinetry and a huge step forward in understanding how to make casework, including hand cut dovetails, dados, rabbets, hinges mortises and more.

While I can take no credit for the design, it gave me confidence in my dovetails and, at a point where I could have spent more money on more power tools, the value of hand tool work along with machines.  I finally understood where machines for milling and breaking down parts were useful, and hand tools skills were crucial to fine work. It’s so hard to say any one lesson I learned, because I feel as if I learned a thousand from Megan and her assistant that day, Christopher Schwarz.