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Emily Post-Structuralism

Emily Post-structuralism.
I won't answer people's questions, so much as reveal the myriad ways in which they are unanswerable.

Sound and Mcflurry.

Q: Should I get a mcflurry?


A: I have no idea what a “mcflurry” is, but it sounds horrible. I can only surmise that this is some sort of neologism—perhaps you intend the “mc” to denote infinite exact replication, as in “mcmansion,” alongside the frantic and pointless activity denoted by “flurry.” I have no idea, and refuse to “google” it, out of the terror I may find.


I will assume you mean “infinitely reproducible frantic activity that characterizes our lives since WWII,” and I would advise you to avoid that nonsense altogether. The “flurry” of activity in our modern world acts to veil our constant alienation from the means of production. Busy-ness often masks our deepest fears; like sharks, we must move forward rather than contemplate the Void behind the appearance of meaning.


Indeed, every week is Shark Week in USAmerica.


If you somehow have the option to avoid this mcflurry of images and actions, please do. Perhaps eat some ice cream instead.

Luke Niebler