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Emily Post-Structuralism

Emily Post-structuralism.
I won't answer people's questions, so much as reveal the myriad ways in which they are unanswerable.

Performance Studies.


Q: Can I become an actress with no experience?

I'm 18 and currently studying broadcast journalism in LA. I have no acting experience, if I get an agency now and keep it while I'm studying for the next three years and work hard at it, can I get an agent? Do you think one will take me?


A: A simplistic reading of Judith Butler’s oeuvre reveals that all of our daily acts are performances—we have no way of simply being, but instead are consistently imitating unapproachable ideals of who/what we ought to be. According to Butler, we cannot be said to “be” a particular gender, instead we “perform manliness,” always falling short of what we intend to be. In that sense, you have 18 years of performance experience. Any formal training would be redundant, as you are already an actress, though a bad one.


I am more distressed by your desire to find “agency,” a false sense of independent subjectivity. As you must know, “agency” is an oppressive construction of power rooted in Western individualism and predicated on dominating Others by denying them subjectivity. Stop your futile search for agency and allow yourself to act as a conduit for Discourse to speak through you.


In other words, do nothing; you are always-already an actress in an indecipherable text that you will never understand.

(Courtesy of Yahoo!Answers)

Luke Niebler