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Emily Post-Structuralism

Emily Post-structuralism.
I won't answer people's questions, so much as reveal the myriad ways in which they are unanswerable.

Fun with Erasure.

Q: Am I going mad? 

Ok so whenever my friend invites me to sleep over I am really excited apart from when it comes to when we have food. His house is nice and clean but I get this feeling everywhere I go. I hate using other peoples cutlery and eating their food it makes me want to heave everytime I put someone else's fork into my mouth. I don't want to seem rude so I just force feed myself without trying to get the cutlery touching my mouth. And also when I'm drinking from cups if makes me feels sick. The only place I can eat food happily is at home and in resteraunts. It's not just my friends house it's almost everywhere. Have I got a condition and to I need counselling.


A: This was simply too long for me to bother to read. Instead, I will use the process of erasure to expose how your question contains one of innumerable potential solutions:

---------------------- my friend ----------------------- over ----------------------- apart from ---------------------------------------------- food. -------------------------------------- I get this feeling -------------------- hate using other peoples --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mouth. I don't want ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my mouth. And also ------- I'm ------------------------------------ sick.  The only place -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------it's almost everywhere. ------- I got a condition -----------------------------


To open this text to even more possibilities, read it from top to bottom or right to left. 


(Courtesy of Yahoo! Answers)

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