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Emily Post-Structuralism

Emily Post-structuralism.
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Book Crook.

Q: Can you read a book from Barnes & Nobel? 

Like can you go in, choose a book from the shelf , and sit down and read it? Or is that considered (I don't know how else to say it ) stealing? Lol since you didn't pay for it before reading it?

(Yahoo! Answers)


A: In an interview with Henri Ronse (Positions, U of Chicago Press), Jacques Derrida rejects the very idea of a singular object called a “book.” Separating words into sentences, paragraphs, pages, etc artificially divides the totality of language and experience in a naïve way. A “book” cannot be considered a totality unto itself; instead, it remains situated in a constantly churning network of signs, signifiers, and texts that continually displace each other. Haphazardly slapping a so-called “author” on a few pieces of paper with scribbles on them constitutes an act of violence. To speak of a “book” in the singular erases the intertextual reality that underlies the act of writing.


I’m not even going to BEGIN with your misguided conception of “reading.”


However, since you seem to have a criminal mindset, I suggest that you bring a knife to your nearest Barnes and Noble. Cut out the forty-third page of a random selection of "books" from various sections of the store, and attach them together into a Mobius strip, forming an exciting new intervention into literary language. This will be your new “beach read.”

Luke Niebler