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The Soul of a Machine

Machines have been on my mind lately.  While I have been so, so lucky to finally have a detached workshop to make furniture in, the space has been tempting me to getting more power tools.

My first 'shop' four years ago was an unfinished closet off the deck of an apartment building. My second 'shop' was two yeas in a Brooklyn apartment, using a jury-rigged bench made out of old growth, salvaged oak.  It was heavy, but it would tip.  I had to clamp 2x4's to the legs so I could work side-to-side. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.58.43 PM.png



But, my inner voice says, 'Now you have space!' and in the other ear 'You worked long and hard enough with vintage hand tools that you were never even able to tune up properly. You've gotten close to precision but it's never been machine-precise. Allow yourself this'. 

So I bought a band saw. A small one - 1/3rd horsepower, and it sits on a bench top.  It cost less than a Lie Nielsen hand plane. 

So for the past few months I've been getting used to what it can do, which is some things but not everything. One thing it does well is cut curves, but I have three different coping saws that can do that already by hand. 


So what I want to compare this week is some tools - power tools vs coping saws, and how to make small cutting board using a half dozen tools, powered and not. Stay tuned and check back later this week for more

-Andrew Brant