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After the Harvest


Before I got into woodworking, my apartment was filled with screen printing tools. My day job career brought me to work with one of the largest and most respected marketing departments in the country, and suddenly my desire to produce tshirts and prints when I got home was reduced to almost nothing. I found that the best way to express myself, and relieve stress was by taking a spokeshave to a piece of chatke viga and carving an axe handle while watching the Royals try and win a World Series.

Before that I illustrated and drew political cartoons for a newspaper while making fine art and drawing graphic novels on the side. I would go to Quimby’s in Chicago every month and the art Institute of Chicago every week.

This year is about recentering on myself. Remembering who I was. Emotionally, spiritually, and artistically.

I’ve also quit my full time marketing job to go to school full time, and woodworking & design for myself now and after that. The corporate world is not something I intend on going back to, for the good of my soul.

But luckily, technology has advanced a great deal. Direct to garment printers as well as automated web apps have come a long way in ten years - two things I’ve been aware of, working for a couple years in the design of manufacturing automation software and on the other hand, in my brother’s 101 year old clothing company. I was sick of surrounding myself with caustic chemicals - in my bathtub, with a pressure washer.

So I’ve started designing shirts and partnering some some companies that will print them ‘on demand’ and ship them right to you. It’s a small and intimate approach right now where you can show your support for what I do while I’m in school, and it would mean a lot. I’m excited that I’ll be able to make a watercolor painting, take a good photo of it and put it online in an evening, and you’ll be able to buy a print of it right away.

Please take a look over at the ‘store’ section of this site. But a shirt if you want or you can and know that the money helps put food on a student’s table, someone who’s working to better themselves and the world around them. And that I’m so grateful for your support.

Andrew Brant