Mt Zion - Andrew Brant


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Born in Kansas City, Missouri, I moved to Chicago with some time in Italy to study art, design and philosophy.  On top of the usual odd jobs, I worked for some time as a newspaper as an illustrator and with the decline of the printed newspaper I opened my own print shop in 2007.  

After that I have divided my time between Brooklyn and Northern California, making furniture for myself and for commission. It didn't start out that way - after years in the furniture industry part time, I found myself in an empty apartment for months. I just started making furniture for myself that I needed, and people asked if they could buy it. I've used this collaboration as fuel for my hobby and my passion, now in San Francisco, for years. 

When I started Mt Zion, it was two things - a love of design and a love of real things, sustainable things, even precious if brave things.

Now I focus on furniture, kitchen and home goods with the occasional illustration, design or label. This lets me focus on making things ethically - locally sourced, good for the environment, sustainable and things that last generations.